FarrellCounsel has represented clients
ranging from start-up entrepreneurs
to large publicly traded companies in
numerous categories, including:

Internet Services and Information
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software Development
Financial Market Data and Indexes
Digital Media
Mobile Phone Applications Development
Online and Virtual Communities
Consumer Products
Video Game Development
Project Management


From years of handling deals for DataRaker and other long-term SaaS clients, Hunter has a sophisticated understanding of SaaS transactions. I would recommend Hunter to any SaaS company that needs to develop standard forms or structure and negotiate agreements. In addition, Hunter has proven flexible and responsive in working with smaller growth companies that have to negotiate successfully with much bigger Fortune 500 customers.


Rick Brakken, CEO

DataRaker, Inc.

The following is a representative list of current and former clients:

Developer of Web Browsers and Other Internet-Related Applications

Global Publishing Company

Unsweetened Flavored Water

Online Business Listings and Related Information

3D and Virtual Reality Media Solutions

Data Analytics Software as a Service

Simulation Software

Energy Management Software as a Service

Online Merchandize & Entertainment

Project Management

Online Medical Data